Tuesday, June 24, 2014

... and just disappear

It has been almost three months, three long months since a family plucked from an angry ocean became the catalyst in confirming that not only is the American public lacking knowledge of who we are and why we are, but that they are vocal and vehement in their ignorance.  Thankfully for us they are easily distracted and quickly move on to the next distraction to catch their fancy.
It has been almost three months of contemplating why we publicly share our lives and the lives of our children and to what end. Would it be better to chose anonymity in the light of ramped ignorance or continue sharing for the few who do follow? After all we bring little if any morsels to the table of the cruising world; we do not have thousands of miles beneath our keel nor do we have years of experience to share from, our faces do not bear the cracked and leather look of the those who have; there are so many that do and deserve an audience, but we are not them. 
In the beginning we wrote for those we left; family, friends, neighbors, but with the passing of time so does interest and we found we no longer blog solely for those but for new friends that we have met along the way. With much contemplation came much reflection and as I strolled through my old posts of our lives afloat I realized that maybe just maybe I have been blogging this whole time for myself. I sat in wonder of so much that would have been lost in the fog of time if not for blogging; good times and bad, how the children have grown, the progress we have made on the boat and the many, many friends we met along the way.
Truthfully, we have struggled with continuing to put ourselves out there or whether we should simply fold up our social media tent and silently steal away. In the end selfishness won over obscurity and I will continue to blog, not for those that ignorantly believe safety lies in the American dream, nor so much for our fellow cruisers looking for the “how to's”; as there are so many better and more informative blogs out there, but so that when I am old I can remember the time spent sailing and living in the wonder of it all.
Thanks to all those that have been following us... you motivate us even more to keep blogging!


  1. I've struggled to answer the same question about why I blog and have reached largely the same conclusions as you. But too, there is the unquantifiable value of sharing the diverse human experience and how that might shape the world into a better place--and even though our contributions are infinitesimal in the scheme of things, it's like voting I imagine, perhaps like the proverbial butterfly wings flapping. The information age is still a grand experiment that is forever changing our world. But so long as we're contributing positive stuff that people enjoy consuming, that we enjoy producing, it can't be bad. Keep writing, for yourself and anyone else. Hello to all the Nadejdans from Del Viento!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Michael; it is nice to know we are not alone. We have been enjoying your blog and dreaming of Mexico, we hope our paths will cross again this winter.

  2. My wife and I met you and your family in Ilwaco. You were preparing the boat for Alaska back then. I was intrigued and impressed by you all back then and my wife still uses your example for motivation with our boat. I still pop in to see what you lot are up to so keep going please!

  3. I am just now reading your blog, because I was thinking of finally updating mine as well. I personally am grateful for the blogs I have written in the past as it brings back memories I have lost in the noise of life. If nothing else, it is my only attempt at writing that should also be done at home in a book. I have contemplated making my blog private, only viewed by those invited. If you decide to do so, invite us!
    I enjoy getting updates from the family...you guys will always be a part of our lives, no matter how far we "drift" from the years that pass by.

  4. Molly and Peter,
    Very well written. You can't let other people's ignorance call your shots. People are often quick to criticize, usually without many facts or much knowledge about what they are talking about, so don't let them deter you. I have enjoyed following your blog entries and, along with others, they fuel our desire to follow in similar footsteps. So, beyond capturing thoughts and memories for your own future enjoyment, you are providing motivation for others to follow their dreams. Keep it up!